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Tasks (Attached are case study and requirements)

1. 2 criteria for project success (question 1);

2. 2 human resource management and leadership challenges (question 2);

3. 2 strategies to address each challenge identified in question 2 (question 3); and

4. Individual statement (question 4).

words: task 1-3 600 words, task 4 100 words

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Thank you for posting today. It is my goal to provide ideas, definitions, research help, and instructions on how you, the student, should approach the assignment.

Let's examine each of these questions 1 by 1.

1. 2 criterias for project success from the perspective of a key stakeholder.
-Well, first let's identify some of the stakeholders. The first one is obviously the company, and it's new CEO. Stakeholders are also the clients/customers as well. For this question, you also get a very big hint on page 3 in the section entitled "Evaluation Criteria". It gives you many more than 2. Let's look at the first one, "Responsiveness to client needs and expecations". Since the question asks you to propose some criterion, I suggest taking some of these listed and ...

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