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Teaching Strategies For Different Ethnic Groups

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Which teaching strategies are most appropriate to meet the needs of individuals from each of the four major ethnic groups and why?

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The teaching strategies which are the most appropriate to meet the needs of individuals from each of the four major ethnic groups are determined.

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All four ethnic groups need an educator, and learning style, that is culturally sensitive and tailored to their individual needs. It is important to use unique teaching strategies because many have unique experiences. For example, their first language may not be English and, therefore, teachers much be aware of language barriers that may effect the student's ability to learn. In addition to language style, there are many stereotypes and generalizations surrounding these groups. For example, Asians are all smart and Blacks are less intellectual than Caucasians. These stereotypes are not only hurtful but they also have a negative impact on the self esteem of the student, which has an effect on their academic performance.

Teaching strategies for these minority groups should include (but not limited to):
-connect students with academic clubs and social ...

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