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    Gender Socialization and Counselling

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    Give an example of gender socialization and explain how it can impact someone.

    Describe how gender socialization could impact the work of a counselor in counseling/therapy.

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    (1) Give an example of gender socialization and explain how it can impact someone.

    An example of gender socialization is the perception of gender roles. Gender roles are based on a set of expectations that prescribe how males and females should act, think and feel (Santrock, 2006). Gender roles are established and maintained by biological, evolutionary, and social influences. For instance, from a biological perspective, hormones are stated to have an effect on the type of roles that women can perform. For instance, due to hormonal influences women are viewed as emotional, weak and fearful compared to men who are stated to be unemotional, strong and courageous. Based on evolutionary psychology, the view is held that women and men adapted differently over time so that men are better suited for specific roles, and women for others. For example, as Santrock (2006) notes, based on evolutionary theory women are more predisposed to parenting, while men are more able to provide their offspring with resources and protection. Finally, social role theorists maintain that gender differences result from the contrasting roles of women and men with women having ...

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    This solution discusses gender socialization and how it impacts the work of a counselor.