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Effects of socialization on gender

If you were asked to develop a "gender free" socialization model for a classroom or for your own home, what do you see as the major obstacles of implementing such a plan? What changes would you have to make to the already existing socialization pattern or practices?

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You can start by defining your concept: socialization. The Oxford Dictionary of Sociology for instance, defines it as "the process through which the individual learns to become a member of the society". It implies two main sub-processes: learning the social norms and values, on the one hand, and assuming the individual's social role, on the other hand.

In other words, socialization is what transforms and individual from a natural subject (human being) into a social subject (person, part of the society). In the course of this process (that mostly takes place in the childhood even though it is not restricted to this period) the individual ...

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The solution discusses the issues of gender and socialization and the elements that force an individual to define itself in terms of gender. The text contains 426 words.