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    The American Dream and Strengths and Weaknesses

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    What are the elements of your American Dream? Why are each one of these elements important to you? (Elements of American Dream are: education, safety, family, happiness)

    What are your overall strengths and weaknesses? How will your strengths and weaknesses affect the success of your American Dream? What changes might you need to make in your life and to your character in order to achieve your American Dream? (Strengths are hardworking, loyal. determined.) (Weaknesses are shy, procrastinator, time-management, insecure.)

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    These are some very good questions, and the responses must be based on your own personal life/experiences. Since I cannot help you with this aspect of the assignment (because we do not know each other), I am going to provide you a good explanation of what the American Dream is, and you can use this information to relate it to your life experiences and formulate your responses. I hope this will help!

    Let us begin with a discussion about what the American Dream is.

    The American Dream is a belief that stems from the freedoms stated in the Declaration of Independence: "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." This means that since Americans enjoy certain freedoms and natural rights, they have the opportunity to prosper, succeed, and climb the ladder of upward mobility as high as they want to without obstacles from the government. Most believe that through hard work, people can achieve anything regardless of their social class.

    Today, the elements that most people focus on to achieve the American dream include receiving a good education that provides many opportunities in life, living in a safe country ...

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    The American Dream is examined. The strengths and weaknesses are provided.