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    Internal Evaluation of the United States Postal Service

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    Internal Evaluation; this is the "SW" of the SWOT analysis. Every organization has strengths and weaknesses. Give an example of a company you know or read up on who did not really develop their strengths or deal with key weaknesses.

    Please make the example a United States based company and provide a reference.

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    An organization that has not developed its strength and has failed to address its weaknesses, is the United States Postal Service. While the organization is a government agency, it is run like a typical business, with unit and regional managers. The agency has plenty of technology available, to streamline production and delivery processes. One of the few technologies the organization has made use of, is the ability for customers to purchase postage and track packages online. With more automation in sorting and handling of packages, the organization would make many of its physical ...

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    The United States Postal Service is analyzed in this solution. The strengths and weaknesses are given.