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American Social Welfare

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Share your views of the strengths and weaknesses of America's residual view of social welfare with the members of the class. Support your conclusions with a couple of examples in 500 words

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For this discussion, I would start with a thorough definition of social welfare, including the reason it started and how it has evolved over the years, as well as some statistical information on whom social welfare affects in society. I would give specific examples of populations affected by it, as well as why and how they are affected. For example, talk about how it started as aide for widows of military soldiers ...

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This solution of 283 words discusses the American social welfare systems and its purpose to provide support for individuals in need. There are strengths and weaknesses involved in how it affects American society.

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American Social Welfare Introduction

1.Discuss the development of governmental responsibility for the poor as it historically evolved in the United States. How did the changing definition of worthy and unworthy poor help to shape this development?

2.Select a period in American history that you consider to be of major importance to the development of social welfare policy and programs. Discuss the social, economic, and political trends and the main ideas that influenced social welfare in this period. Which social reformers and/or social workers contributed the debate and action? What major policy initiatives and/or programs resulted? Overall, are there concepts from this period's historical development of social welfare that can be applied to current social policy debate and action?

Provide examples of each issue

APA Reference to support your data. no less them 650 words

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