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    Reagan Era - American Society and Culture

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    I'm analyzing the "Reagan Revolution" and the impact it had on American society and its culture. Attached is the back ground history to include three questions about the revolution.

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    How revolutionary was the Reagan Revolution and how was it revolutionary? Consider two of the topics below:
    Foreign affairs were significantly impacted by Reagan because of his tenacious approach to the Soviet Union. He greatly impacted the subsequent dissolving of the Soviet Union because of his aggressive policies that promoted instability in any region that was under the Soviet Bloc and support of Communist opposition in countries such as Afghanistan. He also supported many Latin American uprisings as these countries were akin to receive funding from the Soviet Union due to their proximity to America. It was the ending of the Cold War and Reagan was a staunch thorn in the side of the Russians assisting in facilitating the end of the Soviet Union with the Afghanistan war in particular but more importantly the race toward more Nuclear Arms. Because the Soviet Union was less economically stable and capable as the United States, Reagan's unabashed approach ...

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    The impacts the Reagan Revolution has on the American society and its culture. Background histories are included.