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    Application of Frankenstein: Can science go too far?

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    The question posed by the professor is the following:

    There is an ongoing battle between faith/spirituality and science that has been active even before the time of Shelley. What are some of the things she addresses that are still important today? What are some of the ethical questions she brings up regarding the scientific definition of life and death? What does she illustrate about the power science has to blur the line between life and death? What is a current news item that is similar to this issue? Hint: Develop a thesis that answers a question like this: "How and how well does Mary Shelley's Frankenstein address ethical issues of science and/or faith for audiences, regardless of when they read the novel?"

    I am thinking of writing about cloning and the ethical dilemmas that it poses. I was also thinking of writing about custom babies that are being bred by parents to use them for live donors for their ill siblings. I am just not able to put my thoughts together, and need help with either of my ideas, or a new one will also be welcomed.

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    The application of Frankenstein in science is examined.