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Frankenstein: Fatal Ambition.

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How does Victor Frankenstein's ambition destroy his family?

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When Victor Frankenstein creates his monster, he meddles in matters unfit for human beings to explore. Driven by ambition for glory, he gives life where none exists. Playing God, he composes a body from decomposing parts complete with muscles, bones, skin and vital organs. His object in giving life is to obtain immortality for humanity. His plan, however, does not succeed as he hopes. After successfully infusing life into his creation, Frankenstein flees the scene abandoning his creation from sheer horror. During the entire process, Victor is aware that he is taking a risk; yet he chooses to continue with his work which leads to his destruction and that of every person dear to him.

When Victor Frankenstein first contemplates the creation of a human being, he has just made a most valuable discovery. He states, "I succeeded in discovering the cause of generation and life; nay, more, I became myself capable of bestowing animation upon lifeless matter" (Shelley 56). Once Victor has discovered that "so astonishing a power was placed within my hands," he considers what to do with ...

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In this solution, I discuss Victor Frankenstein's ambition to create a new form of human life and how he destroys himself and his family through this ambition.

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