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Frankenstein's plot events

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Why did Frankenstein leave his creation? I realize that he was hideous. After the creation came to life Frankenstein rushes out of the room and tries to sleep (abandonment #1). He wakes up with this creepy monster looking at him and he is obviously scared so he runs away again (abandonment #2). What I donâ??t understand is how could he not feel responsible? The creation although very different from the normal human was in fact a living and breathing being. With all of his intelligence and scientific background, how could Frankenstein not realize that the monster needed to be taken care of? Is there some answer in the story that I missed?

Did anyone know what was going on? For two years this man locks himself in his laboratory working until the wee hours of the morning. He is not in a huge castle like in the movies. No, he is an apartment house, in a makeshift lab in what sounds like an attic. Was there any smell? What about the noise? Shelley makes it seem like he is there all alone. What about class? Did he skip out? He was so physically ill from neglect, someone must have noticed? It sounds like the only thing he neglected was to write home? I find this hard to believe.

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Frankenstein's plot events are explicated as well as dissected briefly in terms of quotes.

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I personally believe that Frankenstein left his creation because of the sheer horror and guilt that he felt from "playing God." I feel like the truth that Frankenstein could not control life and fate caused him to step back and panic. Thus, I attribute his abandonments to the ...

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