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Frankenstein: a sin or crime

From Reading Chapters 12-15 can you help with a respond to these discussion questions: (short responses)Thanks
DQ 5:

1. In your opinion, is Frankenstein guilty of a sin or crime? What is it?

2. Throughout Frankenstein's account, he indicates that none of what happened was his fault - that it was destiny or fate. How do you feel about this? Do you believe you are in charge of your actions, or is there such a thing as "Fate" which is beyond your control?

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1. I believe that Frankenstein was guilty of a sin. He did do some criminal acts by today's standards such as grave robbing and endangering the public but his main act of animating an inanimate thing is more of a sin that a crime. Labeling an act as a since is difficult in that it depends on your moral context. The act of bringing dead flesh to life has the possibility of greatly contributing to society but the outcome of a raging monster who's ...

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Short paragraphs examining whether doctor Frankenstein committed a crime or sin.