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    Frankenstein: Mary Shelly's Monster

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    I would like to write a compare and contrast paper using Mary Shelly's "Frankenstein." Do you have any suggestions or resources that I can refer to (other than the original text) in my writing?

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    At the Chicago Writer's Bloc's, a play was featured called "The Frankenstein Kit," written by Jan Johnson and directed by Evan Drane. This Frankenstein (James Whittington) isn't Mary Shelly's monster, but a kindhearted, gentle, creature seeking to learn about his past. Or so you think in the beginning. You soon find out that Frankenstein has a strong sex drive, a devious mind and the means to manipulate any and everyone into believing that he is sane. He is educated, works a real job, has his own apartment and even has a normal name.

    It all takes place ...

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    Sex, Lies and Scandal: The Frankenstein Kit adds a new twist to Mary Shelly's Monster.