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    Literature of the Absurd: A Description

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    This solution provides a description of what theatre and literature of the absurd is. It gives you the insight into this genre of literature that you can use to examine works of the absurd and create a more well rounded paper on the topic.

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    The term 'literature of the absurd' is used to describe many works of both drama and prose fiction that share the common idea that the human condition and all it entails is absurd and can therefore only be truly depicted in works of literature that are themselves absurd. Modern absurdist literature/ drama emerged after World War II and appear to be a reaction against the traditional depictions of humans as rational creatures that inhabit a relatively intelligent and orderly society. One of the first works of Literature in this movement was written by Jean-Paul Sartre and Albert Camus. They both saw human beings as being isolated and finding themselves in a society that is alien to them. Their works contain characters that move from ...

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    Provides a definition, description, and example of absurd literature and drama.