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Concise Description of Berkeley's Philosophies

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Please give a concise description of Berkeley's arguments regarding ideas and minds, objects and the existence of God, including his utilization of John Locks ideas on these subjects.

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This 358 word solution explains how Berkeley uses Locke's arguments as a jumping off point for his arguments about ideas, minds, objects and the existence of God. It centers around his questions of what is real and what primary and secondary abilities are, and how he uses his ideas of the former to posit the existence of God.

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George Berkeley (1685-1753)

-American Bishop
- Philosopher. His main questions were:
> What is out there anyway?
> What are the primary and secondary qualities supposed to be?

Berkeley said that the only existing thing is the mind. He defined a mind as a thing that has ideas.

For Berkeley, ideas can be imprinted on the senses as they are results of passions and mental operations or products of memory and imagination. There are a number of separate ideas that can be ...

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