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    Flower Power, Civil Rights Movement & Recreational Drugs

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    Please help with the following (just 250 words):

    Provide a description of the historical development that you believe contributes most to the abuse of a particular substance today. Justify your selection of this historical development and explain the impact it has had on the abuse of the particular substance. Then, describe a negative impact that a national or international policy has had on substance abuse and/or substance abuse counseling.

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    Dear Student,
    Hello and thank you for using BrainMass. The solution below should get you started. In this particular problem, you are asking for help in finding a historical event that contributed to substance abuse. I suggest Civil Rights movement - the 60's- and substance abuse. An outline could be -

    1. On Flower Power & Civil Rights Movement - 100 words.
    2. National Policy - explain it - 100 words.
    3. How policy affected the problem - 50 words.

    This should provide you with what you need. You can also use the listed resources to further explore the topic. Good luck with your studies.

    AE 105878/Xenia Jones

    On Flower Power

    The 60's was known as the decade of Psychedelic 'Flower Power'; a slogan used by the US counterculture movement and refers to passive resistance and the notion of non-violence. While the era was the height of the Vietnam War, the Civil Rights Movement in America was also taking hold ...

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    The solution provides concise information with regards to the historical development of the 'Flower Power & Civil Rights Movement' in terms of their contribution towards the abuse of recreational drugs. 2 national policies and their negative effect is also included in the discussion.