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Short story brainstorming

Write about the themes in the following stories: "The Storm" (Chopin) "Barn Burning" (W. Faulkner) "Harrison Bergeron" (Vonnegut) 1. Introduction should include a definition for theme as well as the short story titles and authors. 2. Clearly state the theme of each story. Be sure to offer supporting details for each story

Jane Austen's role in promoting enlightenment

I'm currently reading "Sense and Sensibility", and faced with a challenging post in which I am expected to give a personal opinion as to whether Jane Austen is considered a romanticist or an author that promotes "enlightenment". I am looking for a unique perspective supporting "enlightenment" if you would be gracious enough

Problems with your Reference List

See the attachment. Search the Internet and find a peer-reviewed journal article that uses fully or mostly compliant APA formatting, references, and citations. In a well-written, cohesive paragraph, cite the article in APA form and discuss the following: How does the use of APA formatting, references, and citations aid or hind

significant works of early English literature

Were there any novels written prior to Chaucer or Defoe? I'm also curious as to what are considered to be the most significant works that shape the background of English Literature prior to the novel?

Entering the Debate: Evolution and Creationism in Schools.

How can I enter the debate about teaching creationsim, or "intelligent design" alongside evolution in public schools? What's the best way to choose a source, analyze its evidence, and insert my own opinion into the debate? Access a news or journal article about a controversial topic ( I choose "creationism or evolution" in fa

Motivation for Writing and Supportive Evidence

Using the elements of writing and supportive evidence, what are the best way(s) to motivate high school students to complete their classes successfully, with a sense of accomplishment and pride, and graduate with their peers? I will need to write a persuasive essay, but at this point I just need a starting point to guide me.

Oedipus the King's character traits

E.R. Dodds believes Oedipus the king is a play about human greatness, "Oedipus is great, not in virtue of a great worldly position --for his worldly position is an allusion which will vanish like a dream- but in virtue of his inner strength: strength to pursue the truth at whatever personal cost, and strength to accept and end

Review of 'Burmese days'

Need guidance with Burmese Days by George Orwell as I need to provide a vivid analysis on the colonial experience and the views of the characters regarding the British Empire.

Edit paragraph sentences for theme

Read the following paragraph, and identify the overall impression it conveys. Then rewrite the paragraph to eliminate any details that undercut or fail to contribute to the overall impression. You may replace those details with more appropriate ones. It was definitely Christmas. The smell of cinnamon and pine was thick in ou

Offer examples of an expert audience.

Select one of the three topics below. Write the topic and then write one example of an expert audience and one example of a non-expert audience for that topic. â?¢Stage Acting â?¢Cars â?¢Computers (Each question is worth five points)

current or former leaders

Please write about one of your current or former leaders. Please analyze, using background materials, leadership styles and her/his way of fulfilling functions of management. Key concepts to be addressed are: Did he/she empower their employees? Was he/she authoritarian? Was the leader transformational or transactional,

Avoiding plot summary, with Pride and Prejudice

The paragraph below is an excellent example of poor argumentation due to plot summary. The writer refers to several events in the novel without explaining how they fit into the main point of the paragraph. As a result, the main point of the paragraph is very weak. The solution to this problem will explain how to take this pa

Wuthering Heights Personality/Character Trait Changes

1) What are Heathcliff's main character traits and how are they evident throughout the novel? How do they change? 2) What personality/character trait changes does Heathcliff go through throughout the novel? 3) What effect do other characters have on Heathcliff and the changes his personality undergoes?

Singular Possessives, Plural Possessives, Irregular Plurals

Plural Possessive Paraphernalia Write each sentence in the way requested for each section. Section One: Singular possession. Write each word in a sentence in the singular possessive case: man: woman: child: sheriff: estimate: object: mortal: affectation: pain: advocate: Section Two: Plural possession: Look again

Character analysis of Gabriel from James Joyce's The Dead.

Analyze the character of Gabriel as an inhabitant of the modern wasteland as it is depicted in "the Dead" by James Joyce. You may want to use portions of Eiot's poem "The Wasteland", Part I, to establish some basic characteristics. Note especially the following themes in the story as they affect Gabriel: the failure of communi

T.S. Eliot's Prelude through the lens of Modernism.

In T.S. Eiot's "Preludes", based on the scenes and dialogue in these poems what is the vision of the modern world as you find it (ie, the modern world and modernism as we have defined it, not your own modern or contemporary world)? Don't try to analyze all the poems; instead, make some pointed observations on the world depicted

Martin Luther King's assassination

Think about an event in your personal history, or an event in world history, that you would like to personally enter and revise. You are to enter this event and show us what you would change.

How to Not Write a Literary Analysis.

Here is an example from a student who has written a poorly constructed literary analysis. Look closely at the professor's comments in the margin and you will see what the student needs to do to turn this example from a "D" essay to an "A" essay. The responses/comments are intended to show you how your professor will respond to t

A good topic sentence is described.

Describe the blending of two languages in your daily life. You can discuss the language of two cultures or countries (like English and Creole, or English and Portuguese), or of two parts of your life ( like the formal language you use at work and the informal language you use at home). Give several specific examples of each lang