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    Problems with your Reference List

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    Search the Internet and find a peer-reviewed journal article that uses fully or mostly compliant APA formatting, references, and citations. In a well-written, cohesive paragraph, cite the article in APA form and discuss the following:
    How does the use of APA formatting, references, and citations aid or hinder the reader?
    How is the formatting of the document different from or similar to papers that you have reviewed and written in the past?
    Provide a properly formatted reference for the article.

    Dooley, C. M. (2011). The Emergence of Comprehension: A Decade of Research 2000-2010. International Electronic Journal of Elementary Education. (Vol 4. Issue 1. pp. 169 - 184).

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    You've done great work finding a peer-reviewed article that uses APA citations.

    The reference list is the list of sources you used, and it's listed at the end of the paper. Citations are notations in the text which indicate the author and date of publication. Formatting is how a paper is set up, the font used, etc. Here is a great link on APA formatting:


    1) How does the use of APA formatting, references, and citations aid or hinder the reader? Note that in APA style, the date rather than the page from which the information came is listed for in-text citations. How does ...

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    The solution discusses different problems that can occur when writing a reference list and using APA formatting.