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You own a bomb shelter. It can hold all of your loved ones, and has room for five other individuals. Using the list below, select five individuals to take with you into the bomb shelter if a nuclear war is imminent.

I need help to decided on 5 individuals in addition to my family to take with me in a bomb shelter if a nuclear war is imminent.

Attach is an activity for establishing an understanding of how individuals think and rationalize information. (Diversity)

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This is an interesting assignment. Let's go through the list, and decide on five people, and then explain why this person was chosen to join the group.


As an example, I went through the list and i based my decisions of who to include based on usefulness in terms of adding things to the group to increase personal wellness and survival of me and my family, except for the jazz pianist, that is for fun, which is also important for a general wellness and to lift one's spirit. The minister offers spiritual help and hope, the nurse offers physical help and support, the police officer offers strength and authority ...

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In reference to diversity, this solution helps to decide on 5 individuals in addition to a person's family to take with her or him in a bomb shelter if a nuclear war is imminent. A rationale is provided in reference to the importance of diversity.

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