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What caused the Trojan War?

What is the cause of war (Troy war) in the Homer's Iliad?

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The Trojan Horse
The Trojan War Ended With a Gift -- A Wooden Horse
The ancient Greeks traced their history to mythological events and their genealogy to the gods and goddesses. Perhaps the most pivotal event in the early history of ancient Greece was the Trojan War. This is that most famous of ancient wars that the Greeks ended with a trick, the Trojan Horse.
The Blind Bard Homer Tells Us About the Trojan War
We know about the Trojan War primarily from the works of a poet we call Homer (the Iliad and the Odyssey), as well as stories told in other ancient literature. known as the Epic Cycle.
? Homer Life and Works
? Epic Cycle
? Iliad
? Odyssey
The Judgment of Paris
The Goddesses Set the Trojan War in Motion
According ...

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