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    Meditech Surgical and the Odyssey

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    The selected event is "The Odyssey, Book 6. [The Princess at the River] ". To a great extent: The Odyssey, Book 6. [The Princess at the River], substantiates the character of Odysseus. He wakes up in the forest and naked encounters Nausicas. He cleans himself of the brine and Athena makes him look very handsome. This handsomeness makes Nausicas fall in love with him. This image of Odysseus in The Princess at the River buttresses his image of a hero. Nausicas is sent to the river to bath by Athena so that she encounters Odysseus. The legendary King of Ithaca character is fortified by the attention he gets from the women both Athena and Nausicas. Odysseus has been interpreted to have several meanings like the one that is hated or wrathful. In addition, it can also mean to be a person who is much accursed. This image is not instantly substantiated The Princess at the River, where he is liked first by Athena and then by Nausicas.
    There is another perspective on Odysseus' character, that he is a villainous falsifier. He has been portrayed as a deceitful person. This finds some evidence in The Princess at the River. He is naked but takes leave to clean himself. He confronts the naked ladies even though he himself is naked and encourages Nausicas to get enamored by him. He then uses his guile not only to get separated from Nausicas but also to find the way to the palace. One of his most deceitful traits in his character is seen when he confronts the naked women without disclosing his identity. His character has been portrayed as a sly and many-faceted personality. He is ingratiating as well as manipulative.
    The The Princess at the River confirms what has been heard from Mnelaus's and Helen's description that Odysseus is a very cunning and deliberative character. He is shown as a ...

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