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    The Iliad and Greek civilization

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    How does the Iliad reveal the powers of the king, the noblemen, and the common soldiers in government during the Greek Middle Ages?

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    The Iliad reveals many things about Greek society if you take a closer look.

    First of all, look at what makes a man noble in Greek society. Yes it is true that by birth certain people are born into different levels of society. But the one major theme that is portrayed throughout the Iliad is 'Glory.' During this period, nothing distinguishes a man more than glory in battle. You see this in the descriptions of Achilles and Hector. Though rivals they may be, each has earned his fame for their accomplishments in battle. During this period of time the King is still the most important figure. It is true that this period in Greek history is where the foundations of modern democracy can been seen, but the king goes to war for glory and ...

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    A brief synopsis of the corrolation between Homer's Iliad and Greek civilzation. An attempt to explain what can be learned from the writing of Homer.