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    "Boys and Girls" by Alice Monroe

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    Consider the following in your chosen literary works: theme, genre, literary technique, culture, use of literary devices such as symbolism, and how diction is used to suggest culture, class, ethnicity, historical period, or age.

    "Boys and Girls" by Alice Monroe is assessed.

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    "Boys And Girls"

    Author: Alice Munro

    Genre: I deem it as nonfiction since it seems to be a true story. It would call it an autobiographical.

    Technique: As a nonfiction, autobiographical piece, the story seems to be a vignette about growing up and wishing for gender equity in order earn her father's love and attention. Her technique is quite descriptive and imagist as "Everything was tidy and ingenious; my father was tirelessly inventive and his favorite book in the world was Robinson Crusoe."

    Diction: Formal language is used as in "I loved the sound of my own voice, frail and supplicating, rising in the dark. We could make out the tall frosted shapes of the windows now, gloomy and white."

    Feminism: The speaker also seems to yearn for gender equity as her brother has as she imagines being heroic in "These stories were about myself, when I had grown a little older; they took place in a world that was recognizably mine, yet ...

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