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Alice Munro's short stories

This solution discusses reactions to the plot, setting, and characters in '' Boys and Girls '' by Alice Munro.

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As you compose your reactions, I have listed some brainstorming ideas for you to infuse:

First, "Boys and Girls'' exemplifies a female "coming of age" tale or an initiation story . The protagonist, a transformed tomboy, narrators her life on a fox farm and her quest for gender identity and acceptance.

As you explore symbolism, please notice the story's evocative title. The repetition of "girl" throughout the text reiterates the importance of gender roles and dynamics within the story. Also, you might want to discuss the parallels and symbolism between the girl and Flora the horse. Both parallel each other's desire for freedom and individuality. The girl, like the horse, desires freedom from society's rigid pressures and stereotypes of girls. However, like Flora, and her ultimate death, the girl, too, must accept her own fate to be a proper woman in 1940s Canadian life.

The climax of the story occurs when the girl frees a horse that was about to be shot but ...

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