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article about gender differences

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Please read article and answer following questions by indicating whether the numbered statement is something the text only IMPLIES and which you must infer, whether the text openly STATES it, and/or whether the numbered statement is supported in the text with evidence or not.

Example question:On the whole, girls get better grades than boys.
Example of answer: The text STATES this. In paragraph 4, the author says, "In both primary and secondary school girls tend to receive higher marks than boys."
The statement that girls get higher grades than boys is UNSUPPORTED. However, the author does provide support for the statement that girls outperform boys in at least one way by giving results from the National Assessment of Educational Progress, a standardized exams given to 9, 13, and 17-year olds (paragraph 4)

1.. Boisterous and inattentive behavior was considered natural for boys 30 years ago.
2. Women are likely to earn less than men, so they have to perform better in school to get ahead.
3. Most boys donâ??t like school.
4. Girlsâ?? ability to focus on a task allows them to do well in school.
5. Performance in primary and secondary school is a good predictor of admission to college.
6. Our culture rewards those who conform to standards of good behavior.
7. It is very difficult to engineer educational opportunities so that both sexes benefit equally.
8. The increased number of women with college degrees may not be able to compensate for the diminished number of men without advanced skills entering the labor market.
9. Three times as many boys as girls are consider learning disabled.
10. Boyâ??s poor educational performance might be improved if they had more outlets for their energy during the school day.
11. Western culture has at last begun to compensate women for previous injustices.

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An article about gender differences is inferred. The expert explains why girls get better grades than boys.

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1.. Boisterous and inattentive behavior was considered natural for boys 30 years ago.
Implied. We infer this from the context that certain qualities and behaviors are associated with boys and teachers, 30 years ago, could have managed such behaviors.
2. Women are likely to earn less than men, so they have to perform better in school to get ahead.
Implied. (End of paragraph 6)
3. Most boys don't like school.
Implied. Boys don't like school because they waste their energy on other things.
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