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Critique of article on ethics

Can someone help me with a critique of the attached article including a reaction to the questions posed in the ethics survey as well as whether the ethics survey differ based on the demographic categories.


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1. Reactions to the questions posed in the ethics survey
- the questions definitely are relevant and measure the ethical constructs the researchers had intended.
- the method to rate the answers to the questions were fair, valid and statistically sound using a 5-point Likert scale
- some of the questions were ambiguous as stated by the subjects and noted by the research such as "For example, "encouraging students to participate in your research projects" does not indicate whether the students' role is that of participant, assistant, or collaborator"
- the questions were realistic as they illustrated the reality of the human condition and the ethical dilemmas humans face. Universal ...

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Critique of an article on ethics is provided in the solution - considering demographic differences and the questions being asked.