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    same-sex schools

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    According to brain research (Jensen, 2008), there are known differences in cerebral laterality between males and females. Although our brains are unique, some may believe it is politically incorrect to say there are gender differences and others may stick to the old understanding that males and females are different. For some educators and policy makers it's easy; we should have same-sex schools. For others, it raises questions about who should teach, class size, and instructional strategies. Can you relate these differences to the brain's executive processes in problem solving and critical thinking? Would these differences dictate a need to change our educational policies and teaching strategies? Why or why not?

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    Yes, I do relate some gender differences in processing, language, critical thinking, and problem solving often to the brain's executive processes. I also attribute cultural differences and expectations as just pivotal since girls are often expected to be better at English and boys at math and so ...

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    This solution briefly examines if same-sex schools are feasible.