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    Jane Austen's role in promoting enlightenment

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    I'm currently reading "Sense and Sensibility", and faced with a challenging post in which I am expected to give a personal opinion as to whether Jane Austen is considered a romanticist or an author that promotes "enlightenment".

    I am looking for a unique perspective supporting "enlightenment" if you would be gracious enough to oblige.

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    Hi there! I'm so glad you offered an opportunity for me to help you as best as I can. I'm very schooled in literature, and my family and I love anthropological study. I hope you find the attached response more than helpful, and encouraging for your own opinion and seeing literature as just another avenue to exercise your "anthropological perspective"!

    I'd be honored to help you anytime, with anything else you might need. :)

    Socio-culturally, Austen wrote at a crossroads; at the same time that romanticism had reached its peak, new ways of exploring, knowing, and defining the world and human culture or experience ...

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    Jane Austen's role in promoting enlightenment is examined.