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    Analysis of Little Women--part Two

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    This solution offers several study questions which deal with Part Two of Alcott's novel. These questions cover details and ideas explored in chapters twenty-four through forty-seven.

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    1. How many years elapse between Meg's engagement and wedding?
    2. What occupation does Mr. March adopt after the war?
    3. How does Aunt March circumvent her initial disapproval of Meg's choice of husband?
    4. What name does Laurie give Meg's home?
    5. What promise does Laurie give Meg on her wedding day?
    6. How does Amy attempt to entertain her fellow artists? Is her party a success?
    7. How does Jo spend her prize money?
    8. How does Meg react when John brings a guest home for dinner?
    9. Why is Amy invited to Europe in place of Jo?
    10. What do Amy and her cousin mistake for a medieval castle?
    11. What old friends meet Amy and her party in London?
    12. Why does ...

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    In this solution, I provide study questions which cover the second part of Little Women. These questions are similar to those which may be found on tests or quizzes.