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    Children and obedience in school

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    Please help with the following problem.

    I have a paper to write about teaching children proper disobedience in school. I'd like some potential topic or subtopic ideas to help me get started.

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    I think a very current and real issue in today's society and with today's children is that while obedience and respect is taught in schools, it's not followed through at home. Your paper could be very interesting if you were to explore the different ways that schools can and do teach children obedience and respect and how because of increased technology and both parents working full-time, there is less interaction at home between parents and children and how that respect and disobedience isn't followed through on. Actually, I am a middle school guidance counselor and I see this happening all the time. Parents are constantly arguing and getting mad when their child gets disciplined for doing something wrong at school; or when we have ...

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    This posting describes ways that schools can and should teach students about obedience.