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The influences of social behavior

Social behavior has been the target of an immense amount of study by psychologists. Numerous "reality" shows on television have also gained the public attention through interesting portrayals of human behavior, such as interpersonal attraction, group membership, conformity, obedience, aggression, and conflict.

-What are the most prominent roles we play?
-How do these roles affect our behavior?
-Do the roles create conflict?
-Describe a time where one might have conformed in someway. How did norms, gorup pressure, sanctions, and unanimity contribute to the tendency to conform?
-Does power play a role in obedience?

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The most prominent roles we play are being someone's daughter/son, brother/sister, spouse (when applicable), mother/father (when applicable), friend, worker, student, and career person. These varying roles comprise our self-concept: a person's awareness of his/her identity as a distinct and unique individual. These roles affect behavior in the sense that some self-perceived traits are attached to specific roles while others are attached to several roles. People do not act the same way when assuming various roles. For example an individual who is tough and serious at his/her job may be more lenient as a parent toward his/her children when interacting with them.

Roles create ...

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This soltuion examines social behavior and its influences.