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Visual Organizer to Assist with writing

This is a visual organizing tool that has been developed to help students "see" what their paragraphs will look like before they begin a rough draft. It helps them stick with the main idea and shows where information is lacking in any particular paragraph.

This submission includes a blank visual organizer and another example of the visual organizer in use.


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I am attaching a document of a writing assistance tool I've developed. I call it a visual organizer, my students call it "Paragraph Boxes." When you look at it you will see three sets of boxes. The long boxes on the left can be used for brainstorming, writing notes, sketching a diagram, or just left blank. The set of boxes next to the long rectangle box are the actual "paragraph boxes." The long thin box at the top ...

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This is a visual organizer to assist with brainstorming and writing paragraphs. It includes a worksheet to use to visually develop paragraphs so that information may be organized into topic sentences and details that support main ideas.

Using this tool not only helps writers organize what they want to say but also aids them in observing where information is absent and allows them to then "fill in holes" before actually constructing a rough draft.