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Build a Visual Basic .NET Windows based application

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This must be done with Visual Basic .NET language and using Visual Studio.

I am in need of help building a Windows based application that simulates a basic checkbook organizer. I am able to discern how to build the GUI and buttons however creating the control structures for transaction is beyond my expertise. The checkbook organizer must meet the following requirements along with a attached design flow chart and a version control sheet. I have included two templates.

1. Allow user to enter starting balance.

2. Allow user to enter a series of Transactions.
a.Transaction is defined as a Debit (withdrawal) or a Credit (deposit).
Example 1 : Amount: $ 1,234.50 Type: Debit
Example 2 : Amount: $ 50.00 Type: Credit
b.Validation of input must be provided (do not allow for non-numeric input or negative input).
c.Create a separate class that can be used to define a transaction. Be flexible in its design so that it can easily be expanded in future. This class should contain properties that define the Type (Debit or Credit) and Amount. You may also include methods in the class for the various calculations.

3. Running account balance as transactions are applied, must be maintained.
Example : Current Balance: $ 1,200.76

4. Running total of Credits and Debits must be maintained.
Example : Total Debits: $ 2,301.34 Total Credits: $ 1,509.97

5. Navigation must be provided to
a.Clear All Totals & Start Over.
b.Exit Application.
c.Add New Transaction.

6. Provide an Application Design Flow Chart along with a Version Control Section (may be included in the code comments or in a separate document).

7. Provide detailed comments in the code explaining the process and methodology that you used.

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