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Unix platform to run a website

Write a recommendation for using the unix platform to run a website.

Explain why servers not using Unix should be upgraded and made to use Unix

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General advantages of Unix:
- It is more flexible and can be installed on many different types of machines, including main-frame computers, supercomputers and micro-computers.
- It is more stable and does not go down as often as Windows does, therefore requires less administration and maintenance.
- It has greater built-in security and permissions features than Windows.
- It possesses much greater processing power than Windows.
- It is the leader in serving the Web. About 90% of the Internet relies on Unix operating systems running Apache, the world's most widely used Web server.
- Software upgrades from Microsoft often require the user to purchase new or more hardware or prerequisite software. That is not the case with Unix.
- The mostly free or inexpensive open-source operating systems, such as Linux and BSD, with their flexibility and control, are very attractive to (aspiring) computer wizards. Many of the smartest programmers are developing ...