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Writing for Theme

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The title is repeated many times throughout the story. How does the narrator classify the things they carried? Can you see meaning in the way he orders the categories? How do "the things they carried" serve to reveal theme?

Next, the narrator describes long periods of tedious activity and boredom shattered by flashes of terror and death. How does this narrative structure reveal the story's theme? In other words, what does O'Brien say about war and how it shapes or distorts the fundamental human condition (what it means to be human in the world)?

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This is a story I know very well. I have taught it several times. "Things" are categorized by weight and that weight is attached to the "thing" itself. For example, Kiowa carries a Bible and also a hatchet, right? These two things then come to represent the duality of his upbringing. In his case, they represent the fact that he is torn between the Christian and the pagan--two different belief systems. That is his dilemma; in other words, the weight he carries as a Native American in a ...

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Write-Up of Analysis and Evidence of Quality

I am seeking assistance in creating themes, concept, and content for this assignment.

Week 10: Write-Up of Analysis and Evidence of Quality
Now that you have collected, coded, and organized your Mini-Project interview data, you have two steps remaining: evaluating your data for evidence of quality, and completing the project write-up. For this week's Discussion and Application assignments, you will review the data you collected and coded for the Mini-Project for evidence of quality and write a detailed summary and analysis of your data.
Please note that your Qualitative Research Plan will be due in Week 11. You may wish to use any additional time this week to review the feedback you have received from your instructor on the Qualitative Research Plan assignments submitted throughout the course to incorporate into your final draft, which is due next week.
Mini-Project: Themes and the Write-Up
The write-up is the final stage of the research process, in which the researcher pulls together all of the data he or she has collected, analyzes the results for trends, and presents his or her findings and conclusions. This week you will conclude the interviewing Mini-Project that you have been working on since Week 7. For this, Application activity, you will review your coded data and prepare a write-up of your results.
To prepare for this Application:
• Review Chapter 9 in Qualitative Inquiry and Research Design: Choosing Among Five Approaches; the examples of themes in "Stretching" Exercises for Qualitative Researchers; and pages 502-525 in Qualitative Research and Evaluation Methods.
• Analyze your interview data. What larger themes do you see emerging from the data?

• Consider how you would present your findings to the reader, and ensure evidence of quality.

The assignment:
• Craft a 5-page paper in which you do the following:

o Analyze your interview data for themes.

o Prepare a write-up of your interview data.

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