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    Coffee shop mission and vision

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    I need help in writing mission, vision and value statements for an coffee shop. Please see attachment.

    I need help in writing a vision, mission and value statement for an eco-friendly coffee shop with a jungle theme. Some ideas for the shop are:
    • to be family friendly with a play center which has a jungle theme with animal seating
    • will have a garden in which we use our used coffee grounds/compost which come from our products
    • it will be hip
    • Eco-friendly and energy efficient
    • will have a jungle theme and motto will be " its a jungle out there, stop by our shop to rest",
    • we will be roasting our own special blends of coffee as well as old-time favoites
    • have a global effect on the coffee trade as we will import our coffee from economically struggling companies to assist in their economic recovery.
    • Concentrate on areas close to large businesses, universities
    • A portion of the proceeds from the sales will be donated to eco-friendly causes ( we can choose a threatened species or environment and donate the money to the cause)
    • All products sold will be manufactured only by environmentally friendly companies
    • Use recycled products wherever possible
    • Free wifi access

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    Mission: To provide unique, eco-friendly and enriching experience to coffee lovers by offering most exquisite, uniquely blended and diverse range of coffee sourced from all over the globe.

    Vision: To become a pioneer in coffee ...

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