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Guidance on Writing a Current Event Paper

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Please help, How do I write this?

Open a newspaper.

Find an issue to do with the international politics.
Try to pick an issue you feel strongly about. Keep it narrow and simple. Make is small. Don't pick "the Middle East peace process". Rather, pick something like, "the candidate wants Jerusalem to remain undivided".

At the top of the page, write one paragraph on the issue. Tell me what the issue is. Then, in one sentence, tell me your position on the issue.

After you create the opening paragraph, develop a detailed outline for how you will prove that position to be true.

Take a moment and read about developing an outline, at Purdue's writing lab.

Please note: You will be using this outline later in the course. Do not lose it!

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This solution provides guidance on writing a paper on a current event. Resources for writing assistance are given, as well as a sample outline.

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Hi! Thanks for choosing Brainmass. I've broken down a plan for you that I think should explain each step you need to take to fill the requirements of this assignment.

1. Review Purdue Writing Lab's advice on writing an outline. Here is the link:


In brief they suggest...
(a) Using the same verb tense for each heading;
(b) Information in each heading should have the same significance (level of importance), and the same goes for subheadings;
(c) Information in headings should be more general, and the information in subheadings should be more specific;
(d) Each heading should be divided into two or more parts.

I will follow these guidelines in my example below.

2. Find a topic.

Stories about "international politics" means stories that are about politics--having to do with the governance of a country--and that have to do either with countries you don't live in, or relations between your country and other countries.

Some good places to ...

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