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Adolph Hitler

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I need help coming up with a thesis statement as well as topic sentences for some of the paper. I have chosen to write on Adolf Hitler The guidelines are as follows defend your selection as a significant contemporary event. The paper should include the following:

Identify and describe the historical event.
Analyze the historical and contemporary causes of the event.
Analyze different historical interpretations of this event.
Evaluate the positive and negative outcomes of this event.

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Adolph Hitler research steps are noted. The solution analyzes the historical and contemporary causes of the event.

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You have chosen to write on Adolph Hitler and therefore, the first thing is to do some research on Hitler; find out who he was, where he was from, what he was associated with, the time period in which he was popular and for what reason. Also, it is important that you fully understand the philosophy of Nazism, one closely associated with Hitler. In your paper, you should ensure that you outline the main purpose of Hitler and what he ...

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