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    The Bio Psychological Theory and Motive Theory

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    Explain how bio-psychological theory provides an explanation in motive theory - either on an individual or social level.

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    Bio-psychological theory provides an explanation in motive theory, largely due to the fact that both of these theories are interconnected largely. This is primarily due to the interconnected nature of the human body and the human mind. In essence, the bio-psychological theory holds that biological processes within an individual's body have a large bearing on the individual's psychological makeup, as well as the psychological health and well-being of the individual. It is believed that the human mind is affected by the biological processes that take place within the body to a very large degree. One of these processes is the effect of genetics on the psychological makeup of an individual, which would tend to have a large bearing on the individual's brain structure and function, as well as the individual's brain capacity. An individual's brain structure and function would have a tremendous bearing on the individuals thinking patterns, and the resulting actions that take place based on these thinking patterns, which will in essence, provide a clear demonstration of the bio-psychological link that helps to determine an individual's motives, or indeed a group of individuals motives within society.

    There are a variety of different biological and physiological activities that take place within an individual's brain, and these activities will largely determine the individual's mood, emotional state, and the resulting actions that take place based on these ...