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    Nazi Values and Education

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    What were the values of the Nazi's, and how were these values implemented into the education system in Germany?

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    1.) Fatherland

    In the aftermath of World War I, the German people suffered a moral and cultural collapse that destroyed the foundations of decency and existential security. This breakup of morals and the spirit of the German people allowed Adolph Hitler to step in and replace the collapse with something that uplifted the German people. It was something akin to ethnic pride and fundamentalism that he developed to the German people. Hitler promoted, in his masterpiece, Mein Kampf, the idea that Germany had a long history and tradition of owning and dominating the area of Germany and Austria-Hungary that was settled by the Germanic tribes. By tradition, the German people owned the land and were ethnically tied to the land, the soil, and the farms on that land. Hitler praised the ideals of country life, hard work, and the agricultural land over that of the urban life. Hitler said that the German nation was betrayed by insiders and that their land was torn apart by the European invaders. This was the first pillar of his new vision for the German people - to own the land and take back what was rightfully the Germans. This was known as the concept of the Fatherland.

    2.) Volk-people

    In addition, the second pillar was the vision of the Volk or the German people. The German people were ethnically clean, healthy, and strong without the Jewish race. The people were to be united together as a community that was the same and uniform throughout. They would be a symbol of the richness of the German people and they were to remain pure in blood as well as a society free from contaminates ( Koonz, C. p. 61). The protection of the ...