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    Racism essay guidance

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    I really need help with an essay. it's for philosophy class and it's going to be about racism. The first page should be viewing the points about the racism . The rest will be writing about what do you think about it and your reaction.
    thanks a lot

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    As you know, Brainmass OTAs do not complete assignments for students. However, we can provide advice about essay construction and give research and content tips.

    You appear to indicate that the first page of the essay is objective, that is, your instructor may want you to discuss causes and effects of racism that are NOT a matter of opinion, but instead, have statistics and data to back them up. Some things to discuss in the first page could be (don't feel you have to pick them all, or say more than a paragraph on each idea you pick):

    --the definition of racism
    --societal or familial attitudes that may help to engender racism
    --effects racism has on minority individuals, that is, the psychological harm done by racism
    --effects racism has on minority groups in a community, that is, the societal harm done by racism
    --successful strategies for combating racism (e.g., legal changes, community action, workplace policies, films with an anti-racist message, etc.)

    How can one construct this paper? Well, this assignment is a bit unusual insofar as you are being asked to do both objective writing (based on research) and subjective writing (based on personal opinion). So your first paragraph needs to set up your double objective. For example, you might try saying something like, "In this essay I will ...

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