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    Gun Control Essay

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    I need some assistance formulating ideas on how to write an essay focusing on solving Racism. It can't be approached as a report, as it is an essay.

    These four questions below must be included:
    1. What is the problem? (Racism)
    2. What makes Racism a social problem?
    3. What causes Racism?
    4. What can be done about Racism?

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    The problem of racism is essentially the belief held by individuals, organizations, governments, etc., that there are differences among the races of human beings that make some races superior to others, and thereby certain race is inferior to others. This is a deeply held belief by some individuals that utilize the biological differences in the appearance of some human beings as the means by which to make judgments about those individuals as to their mental and physical abilities, and even as to their character. Racism is also the problem of individuals having the belief that their race is a superior race, which is a common belief among individuals of many differing races due to their distorted belief in the superiority of their race and/or cultural heritage. Racism also involves the belief that certain individuals are inherently emotionally inferior, which means that the individuals of the supposedly inferior races are more likely inclined to act out of anger or other emotions instead of rational thought. This aspect of racism relies upon the idea that the supposedly superior race is composed of individuals that are much more emotionally stable and controlled in their actions. Racism is also a philosophy or belief that some races are inherently superior in intelligence to other races, which gives these more intelligent races the right to control the actions or govern the supposedly inferior races. The problem of racism also contains the belief that some races are morally superior to other races, which means that these supposedly morally superior races act out of virtue more so than the supposedly inferior races do. This aspect of racism supports the idea that if the inferior races are more inclined to engage in immoral and illegal activity as well.

    What makes racism a social problem is the fact that racism can lead to ...

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    The expert determines what makes Racism a social problem. The causes of racism are given.