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Reflection on essay writing experience

After thinking about your topic and the writing process for this course, write a short narrative that explains your process of writing and editing your research document. In writing your essay, avoid jargon or colloquial language. In addition, maintain effective grammar, syntax, organization, and style as you write. You may use first or third person perspective, and you may also use dialogue to enhance your essay (depending on the pattern of development that you select). Punctuate dialogue properly if you choose to use it in your narrative.
A narrative essay that explains a process must have a purpose and an overall controlling idea that you intended to convey. You may, for example, want to explain the following:

â?¢How you gained insight into your topic through performing specific tasks and understanding the material
â?¢How each stage of the assignment revealed the significance of your topic
â?¢How you struggled to complete the segments of the assignment in the context of your busy life
â?¢How the assignment added to your communicative skills during each stage of the project's development
Make sure that you include a clearly worded statement of purpose in an appropriate place (such as the end of the introduction).

Read the experiences of your fellow students, and comment on experiences that are similar or different from your own. Discuss what you have learned about the writing process from writing your short essay and reading your classmates' essays.

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I suggest that you write honestly about your work on this paper on gun control. Consider each portion of the assignment, and what you had to accomplish in each part. If you choose to use some of the suggested essay below, be sure to edit it and add or delete content to match your own experiences. Each paragraph below addresses one of the assignment points in the posting. Double-check that your finished essay does address each point the instructor wanted you to cover in this reflection. Be honest about the parts that were hard, and tell how you learned from them, and will do better from now on because of what you learned - like this example explains.

The topic of gun control was one I had heard a lot about from the news, but I was unsure about the specific issues. The only part I clearly understood ...

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Example reflection on the experience of researching and writing an essay on gun control, with problems that occurred, and how you learned from them to do better the next time.