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    Portfolios in Schools

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    Please help me with the following questions:

    A. Explain why portfolios have become so popular in schools since the beginning of the 1990s.

    B. Compare and contrast report grades and portfolios as a means of communication of student achievement.

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    Portfolios rose in popularity when a shift in thinking from writing as an isolated skill to writing as a process took place. It became popular to teach writing as a process with the belief that all students could master it with enough practice, enough constructive feedback, and enough reflection. Portfolios allow students to identify their own growth over time and to become reflective practitioners. The biggest impact, thus, of portfolios was that it changed the teaching of writing from a pass or fail system to a system that rewards growth over time and that invites students to ...

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    This solution explains why using portfolios to grade English assignments have become so popular in schools since the beginning of the 1990s. Furthermore, it compares and contrasts report grades and portfolios as a representations of a student's achievement.