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    Comparison/contrast essay

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    I need help organizing a comparison/contrast essay. Topic/ subject;possibly lifestyles drinking/not drinking alcohol.I am a (fifty three old college student) alcoholic with six years clean and sober and this is my first college level essay.I thought I could compare possibly relationships, (1) what I miss and what i do not miss- (2) differences in life styles (3)health benefits (4)relationships etc. I do not expect you to do the work; I need help, please!!

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    For future reference, it would have helped if you had included more specifications of the assignment. What, according to the class you're writing for, is a comparison or contrast supposed to do? How do we, for the purposes of this course, judge whether it succeeds or fails?
    The contrast you propose between the drunken and sober life is an interesting one, probably not one that too many students would undertake because we're usually satisfied with cliches about it.
    The points of comparison you propose sound worthwhile. However, I think it would be a better essay if there were a unifying theme, a thesis you're arguing for throughout your essay. This does not preclude your having several points of comparison but the essay is ...