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MLA Style Compare And Contrast Essay Basics

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I am trying to write an essay comparing and contrasting "Of Marriage and Single Life" by Francis Bacon and "Roxana" by Daniel Defore. Am having trouble with what to compare and contrast. Also need to know more about MLA style writing. Does the Thesis statement need to be the first sentence in the introduction?

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The expert examines the MLA style and compares and contrasts essay basics.

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1. The thesis statement is most often found in the first paragraph, the introduction, but does NOT have to be the first sentence. Basically, what the thesis statement says is exactly what your essay will be talking about. In your case, the thesis is what you will be showing as similar or contrary between the two texts you are writing about. Although we think of compare/contrast as separate ideas, it is not possible to do either without the other. If you contrast, you must show a comparison to be able to show a difference and vice-versa. For ...

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