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Common Law Contracts and the UCC Article 2

Compare and contrast common law contracts and the UCC Article 2.

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A few points to help with comparison and contrast discussions before we start looking at Common Law contracts and the UCC Article 2:

I am not sure how long of a write up you are looking at but the basics of a compare and contrast should include
- A topic sentence that clearly indicates what is being compared and for what purpose (i.e.., to make judgments about two things or to provide a better of those things).
- When comparing similarities use transitional phrases or words to emphasize similarities (e.g., at the same time, in the same way, and similarly). These phrases will effectively tie together classification paragraphs.
- When contrasting differences use transitional phrases that emphasize differences (e.g., conversely, on the contrary, and however). These phrases will effectively tie together compare-contrast paragraphs.
- The conclusion of a compare-contrast write up should emphasize the similarities and difference and ...

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This write-up discusses the basics for writing a compare and contrast essay. It then goes into the similarities and differences between Common Law contracts and UCC Article 2. The article contains 2 journal sources.