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    Free Blacks in the Antebellum Period

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    I need assistance to develop an essay that summarizes the following sub-topics in "Antebellum Free Blacks":
    First define Antebellum, and then using the sub-topics below from the chapter developing a summarized essay:
    Freedom's Boundaries
    In Culture of Racism
    Economic and Social Life
    Include a brief write up on the Colonization Debate [both sides of the issue then tell which side you would have picked and why]

    A minimum of two pages double spaced.

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    Free Blacks in the Antebellum Period
    In order to summarize the issues that faced free African Americans in the Antebellum Period, it is important to understand what the Antebellum Period was. The Antebellum Period was the period before and up to the Civil War (Ham, 2008). During this period, some African Americans were considered free, in both Northern and Southern Regions of the United States. However, this freedom was not freedom as would be expected in a free society. Northern blacks had more freedom than southern blacks did, but there were limitations. They could own houses and land, organize businesses, and generally be active participants in American Society. Yet, they still were subject to many discriminatory laws of the time even after the Antebellum Period ended and the Colonial Period ensued.
    Freedoms Boundaries
    Freedom had its boundaries for African Americans of the period. They did not share the right to vote. They could not use the same facilities as their White American counterparts. Many African Americans, though free were barred from some occupations, such as, becoming Doctors or Lawyers, because they were denied the higher education required for these occupations (Williams, ...

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    This 720-word essay includes 5 quality references. It summarizes free blacks in the Antebellum Period. It explains what the Antebellum Period was, why it was important, and how it both enhanced and limited free African Americans of the time. It also covers the colonization debate of the era.