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    Racial Preference

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    Read the article and focus on the following key concepts (references if necessary):
    *Social Control Mechanisms
    *Labeling Theory
    *Social Stratification
    *Racial Profiling
    *White Privilege

    "Whites Swim in Racial Preference" : http://www.alternet.org/story/15223/whites_swim_in_racial_preference

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    In terms of the article 'Whites Swim in Racial' preference, you are asking for some guidance in discussing six main concepts. The best way for me to go about this is to cover each of the six items separately, defining them, and then making reference to the article assigned.

    Social Control Mechanisms

    Simply put, social control mechanisms are certain ideas in society purported and espoused by the dominant group to control a subordinate group. They are mechanisms by which Whites, for example, have prevented Blacks from truly advancing in American society. In the pre-Civil Way days, for example, most minority groups were barred from receiving an education. So, even after the slaves were freed, they were controlled by the White class because they were seen as inferior and unable to accomplish more than the most menial of tasks. This is now reflected in college admission rates in the United States. As the essay you were assigned points out, Whites are a disproportional advantaged in terms of gaining admittance to the college of their choice because of the various social control mechanisms that are still in place today. Most blacks, for example, come from areas where they do not have access to the same academic privilege as whites, thereby prohibiting them from advancing as rapidly in society as the dominant group.

    Labeling Theory

    The 'Labeling Theory' is a concept coined by ...

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    The key concepts of racial preference are determined. Social control mechanisms are given.