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    William Bradford (of Plymouth Plantation)

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    We have read John Winthrop (A Model of Christian Charity), William Bradford (of Plymouth Plantation), Thomas Morton(selections from New English Canaan), Michael Wigglesworth (selections from "The Day of Doom) plus verses 156-181, Anne Bradstreet The Prologue, Contemplations, The Burning of our House, To my Dear Children (prose letter), Edward Taylor God's Determinations:Preface: We're but my muse and Housewife good;a fig for thee oh! Death, Samuel Sewall (selections from the diary of Samuel Sewall, Cotton Mather From the Wonders of the Invisible World, A People of God in the Devil's Territories, The Trial of Martha Carrier, Johnathan Edwards' Personal Narrative and Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God.

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    I will uncover some legitimate websites for you to use for reference when you study for this class. I will attach three sets of hand-outs for you on the guidelines I will have found effective for you to apply when studying for this class as well. Thank you for coming by Brainmss.Com for your homework assistance. This IS indeed one of our well-known services here at Brainmass.Com.

    This first educational institution's website provides facts and details you'll need when reading William Bradford (of Plymouth Plantation), so please consult~

    1. http://www.mith2.umd.edu/eada/html/display.php?docs=bradford_history.xml

    2. http://www.fordham.edu/halsall/mod/1650bradford.html (I have copied and pasted the document found on this webpage for you in the 1st. attachment.)

    As for a literary website to follow in order to study for Thomas Morton's work, you can use the following,


    ***Further, I will now attach reading questions that are generally asked when studying these two works closely~

    William Bradford and John Winthrop Reading Questions

    Author Name~Dr. Roggenkamp
    This faculty's webpage to refer to~


    The study guide~
    Hint 1: "Divers" = diverse, many, several

    Hint 2: You will be aided by reading the introductory head notes to each selection!

    John Winthrop, A Model of Christian Charity; selections from the journal of John Winthrop

    1. A Model of Christian Charity provides a good example of a Puritan sermon (the Puritans had ...

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